Frugal Technologies Benefits

With Frugal Propulsion, we guarantee a fuel saving of +10% on many vessel types and furthermore, an equally significant reduction in your CO2 emissions.

We want to reduce your bunker bills

If you think Frugal Propulsion is the thing for you – it probably is! Call or write us an e-mail – or maybe come visit. It is good to talk.

Our Benefits

With the Frugal Propulsion solution, we guarantee that you will save fuel on your vessel. Typically, we save more than 10% and in some cases, as much as 20% fuel.

Saving enormous amounts of fuel reduces the environmental impact and saves CO2 emissions.

In one of our first installations on the vessel Hav Atlantic, which is a cargo coaster, we currently save up to 17% of fuel, which equals to one tonne of fuel per day.

The solution is easy to use and integrates into the bridge controls – just  use the thrust button and save fuel.

The collected data from the vessel can in addition be used to monitor vessel performance and condition – this can provide important maintenance information.