Why Frugal?

Frugal differentiates from the competition by employing a game changing technology, based on machine learning, commitment to results and ease of installation.  We leave it to our customers across the world to speak for the results – see our cases for more on this.

We want to reduce your bunker bills

If you think Frugal Propulsion is the thing for you – it probably is! Call or write us an e-mail – or maybe come visit. It is good to talk.

How we differentiate

To ensure the vessel is operated efficiently across a range of speeds and conditions a dynamic collection of best efficiency points is required. Based on that concept, our artificial intelligence calculates the optimum propulsion settings at any time and under any operational conditions. More specifically we deliver the optimum RPM and propeller pitch for a specific navigator chosen speed – ensuring a minimum of fuel consumption. And thanks to our intelligent learning algorithm the accuracy of the system keeps improving during the life of the vessel – improving fuel and CO2 savings.

See illustration on the right how fuel consumption is reduced (red line) with Frugal compared to standard engine control (blue line).


From analysis to fast track implementation

Before any investment we offer specific analysis of the vessel operation to verify potential for savings.  We often use sea-trials as part of the analysis.

Upon verified savings  the project scope is defined and investment agreed.

In a team of Frugal technicians and our marine technology partners the solution is designed and configured.

The installation process requires minimal operational interference – typically fully installed after scheduling a 1 day stay at pier.