Why Invest in the Frugal Propulsion Solution?

Frugal Technologies has proven results from several projects. We document the business case for your vessel by doing a sea-trial and we guarantee the savings we promise. When the documentation is in place, we are able to complete the installation in less than 5 days.


We want to reduce your bunker bills

If you think Frugal Propulsion is the thing for you – it probably is! Call or write us an e-mail – or maybe come visit. It is good to talk.

The Business case – seatrails

Before you purchase the Frugal Propulsion solution, test measurements are performed on the vessel. From the test measurements, we can calculate the fuel saving for that particular vessel.

When we know the expected fuel saving, we can create an exact business case which we will share with you as a basis for an agreement between you and us.

Frugal Propulsion Solution

Security first, both for the vessel and the personnel on board. Frugal Propulsion is approved by class societies, runs the engine within specified safety margins and only qualified technicians are used to install the solution.

As the Frugal Propulsion solution is an “on top” solution, all existing control functions on the bridge are maintained.

The installation is done in less than 5 days, two of which takes place in port. The installation can easily be synchronized with other works on the vessel.

The installation is performed by our own skilled technicians and our trusted and experienced subcontractors.

The Frugal Propulsion solution has already proven significant fuel saving results on several vessels.