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We provide ship owners a competitive lead in propulsion efficiency and greener shipping ahead of regulations – adding intelligent on-top solutions to your existing vessel control system.

Frugal Technologies is founded  and managed by Peter Hauschildt (CEO) and Lars Stoustrup (CTO). The management team have a strong background in vessel engineering and route optimization from companies such as Maersk, Carl Bro and Danish Yacht.

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Who We Are?

The uniqueness of Frugal Propulsion has caught attention to ship owners across the world.

Lars Stoustrup is the inventor of the Frugal math engine that does the number crunching behind the fuel savings. He is a computer scientist with lots of programming and management experience from the IT sector, particularly regarding numbers and IT security.

As Naval Architect and co-owner of Hauschildt Marine A/S, Peter Hauschildt is a long-time entrepreneur in the Danish maritime business. His knowledge about vessel design and energy savings is widely respected among shipowners and vital to the success of Frugal Technologies ApS as a business.



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We Deliver What We Promise!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to assure Ship Owners and guarantee their savings with preventive maintenance and dashboard overview. We take full responsibility for leading the project safely from analysis to implementation, so you don't have to worry about a thing!

We aim to be the Shipowner's trustworthy partner in maintaining and managing their ships. Providing the best, most efficient services with top-level customer support and 100% satisfaction is the key to our Mission. We have been passionately working towards this goal since 2017, providing high-quality care while building lasting relationships with each client throughout their journey.

Our Commitment

We have already proven that it is possible for shipowners to save considerably on fuel expenses using our method. That, in turn, saves the environment from an equally large amount of CO2 emissions, making Frugal Technologies a driver for a better tomorrow.

With the growing concern over global warming, the International Maritime Organization has developed new requirements and compliances related to lessening Green House Gases. We are here to help you meet this challenge. We want our customers in the industry to comply smoothly and efficiently so they can continue doing their job well while complying with these regulations!

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Our Team

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Lars Stoustrup

Phone: +45 2784 8393
Email: ls@frugal.dk
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Peter Rytter Hauschildt

Phone: +45 4010 8681
Email : ph@frugal.dk
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Henrik Nygaard

Senior Project Manager
Phone: +45 3113 8423
Email: hn@frugal.dk

Stefan Froholdt

Project Coordinator
Phone: +45 3123 6485
Email: sf@frugal.dk

Nazar Risborg

Project Engineer
Phone: +45 5350 5636
Email: nr@frugal.dk

Matthew Haze Trinh

Phone: +45 3125 1558
Email: mt@frugal.dk
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Chris Gjelstrup

Project Manager
Phone: +45 3131 4553
Email: cg@frugal.dk

José Gregório Vieira Gonzalez

Project Manager
Phone:+45 5356 6179
Email: jg@frugal.dk

Edin Mesanovic

Phone: +45 5350 1890
Email: em@frugal.dk

Torben Krogsgaard

Project Manager
Phone: +45 5350 1970
Email: tk@frugal.dk  

Lukas Hedevang

Student Developer
Email: lh@frugal.dk  

Poul Fuglsang

Sales Manager
Phone: +45 3134 6227
Email: pf@frugal.dk  
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Yi-Chen Lin

Phone: +45 3155 0681
Email: yl@frugal.dk