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Frugal Propulsion
- A New Way

An automated on-top system optimizing RPM and pitch – applicable for vessels with controllable pitch propeller (CPP). Our system is packed into a separate control panel on the vessel – interacting with a wide range of sensors as well as the main engine.

HMI touch screens for the control room and the bridge – with an “Autopilot” thrust control feature that lets you choose between constant speed or constant power mode. All engine protection and alarm systems are maintained.

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Frugal Technologies

Scope of delivery

Frugal Propulsion is an on-top system that integrates with the existing propulsion control system (PCS) onboard a vessel. Frugal Propulsion comes complete with:

– Frugal control cabinet (serves as sensor data collection point as well as an integration point with vessel control system).

– Touch screen (HMI) in the control room (optional).

– Touch screen (HMI on the bridge).

– Cloud connection (Intelligent calculation engine – responsible for data storage and calculation of optimum propeller curves.).

– Expanded business intelligence: A turn-key data visualization web interface and an open API enables you to add new value to your existing business intelligence solution.

– VFD (phase 2)

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2 Phased Solution and Investment

Phase 1 :

  • Frugal Propulsion intelligent on-top system optimization of RPM and pitch.
  • Data collection from new and existing sensors.
  • Intelligent processing in cloud service.
  • Results: Significant fuel and CO2 savings and improved propulsion control.

Phase 2 :

  • Integration of VFD  (variable frequency drive), eliminating the need for auxiliary engines in day-to-day operation.
  • Results : Significant reduction of maintenance costs due to limited need for auxiliary engines.
  • Verified integration with leading vessel engine manufactures.
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Fuel Savings
The challenge of optimal fuel consumption

When an engine is specified for a specific vessel, engineers will typically calculate operation points where the vessel has the lowest fuel consumption. But in real life, the performance is not ideal, and by experience, we have found that it is possible to optimize the fuel consumption much more.

An up-to-date collection of best efficiency points is required to ensure that a vessel is operated efficiently across a range of speeds and conditions. And based on this, a vessel should have its propulsion settings.

Based on continuous measurements from several sensors on the vessel and intelligent algorithms, the Frugal propulsion solution calculates the optimal efficiency points of RPM and propeller pitch for a specific navigator chosen speed. And the algorithm is constantly optimized so changing conditions calibrate the propulsion solution always to provide the optimal utilization of fuel consumption.

Frugal ship

Once installed, Frugal Propulsion is part of the remote control system (RCS), much like any other control handle on the bridge. Activating and deactivating Frugal Propulsion is done using standard take-over procedures as defined by the PCS vendor. All engine protection and alarm systems remain intact, just as they should be.

Using Frugal Propulsion is equally easy. Setting the desired thrust is as simple as using the thrust buttons or the onscreen thrust slider, and that is it. Our automated system handles everything else to ensure your vessel operates at the most optimal efficiency.