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We want to reduce your bunker bills

If you think Frugal Propulsion is the thing for you – it probably is! Call or write us an e-mail – or maybe come visit. It is good to talk.

Picking an optimization solution

Not many products exist that optimize the engine and propeller relationship. You might think you are done once you have the results of a sea-trial, but as it turns out, changing the operating condition of a vessel also significantly changes the best points found during the sea-trial. So:

  • You need something that dynamically changes the propeller curve according to vessel condition.
  • You also need to be absolutely sure the product handles engine restrictions and safety parameters correctly.

We think Frugal Propulsion is a great candidate – call us!

Lars Stoustrup


Lars is the man behind the development of the product Frugal Propulsion. He has a long track record in the IT industry both as a developer and project manager. Number crunching and IT security are his main things, but electronics and control logic are equally big.

Peter Rytter Hauschildt


Peter is all about the customers. He is the man you will meet if you want to talk Frugal Propulsion. Peter has been designing ships and retrofits very successfully for a long time in the Danish maritime sector.

Rasmus Flemming Nielsen

Project manager

Rasmus is the brains behind the execution of our projects. He is a marine engineer with the eyes of a hawk when it comes to the details of planning installations and managing projects.

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