Automated Fuel and CO2 Savings

Our New AI-based frugal propulsion technology is set to transform the shipping industry by allowing automated fuel and CO2 savings - up to 15%, which helps lower your carbon footprint!


You will see 10% less fuel consumption on most vessel types with an ROI as low at 6-18 months! Plus, the software makes managing your operations easier than ever before – “cruise control”

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Why Frugal?

We’re a world leader in groundbreaking dynamic optimization, and our turnkey solution can be installed within one day. Our highly skilled team will design the perfect plan for your project.

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Frugal Technologies

Revolutionizing the Maritime Sector!

Frugal Technologies is founded and managed by Peter Hauschildt (CEO) and Lars Stoustrup (CTO). The management team has a strong background in vessel engineering and route optimization from Maersk, Carl Bro, and Danish Yacht.

The uniqueness of Frugal Propulsion has caught the attention of ship owners across the world. 

Save Costs

Reduce Emissions

Go Greener

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An efficient way of shipping
Frugal Propulsion

Fuel & Maintenance Savings

On top of immediate fuel savings, we give you the option of adding a VFD (variable frequency drive). That leads to significant maintenance savings – due to the reduced need for auxiliary engines.

Business Intelligence

All our data is collected in the cloud thanks to an open interface. We can provide you with an online visual data presentation stand-alone, or you can integrate the information directly into your own business intelligence – making it powerful.

The Cruise Control (Speed Pilot)

Our philosophy behind Frugal Propulsion is simplicity for the customer and to be best in class service. To put it short – just hit the “thrust” button – and enable speed pilot. We take care of the rest..

Achieving the EEXI Compliance

Whether your vessels have controllable or fixed pitch propellers, by 2023, all vessels must comply with the newly ratified EEXI requirements as per IMO regulations. Frugal Propulsion can ensure and document EEXI compliance.

Our Product

Frugal Propulsion
- A New Way


For Controlled Pitch Propellers

An automated on-top system, optimizing RPM and pitch

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For Fixed Pitch Propellers

An automated on-top system, optimizing RPM


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Towards Greener Shipping!

International Maritime Organization (IMO) has convened a goal of cutting annual greenhouse gas emissions in shipping by at least 40% by 2030 to reduce emissions by 70% by 2050. At the 76th session of the International Maritime Organization's Marine Environment Protection Committee, new restrictions to decrease CO2 emissions from shipping were agreed upon (MEPC 76).

On January 1, 2023, the new regulations will take effect. Ship Owners worldwide are looking for innovative and environmentally friendly shipping technologies to meet the IMO's criteria. In order to comply with the new requirements, the shipping industry must implement innovative solutions. And we are here for you!

No matter which propulsion package your vessel has, using it as efficiently as possible is a surefire way to save on both emissions & fuel. Frugal Propulsion helps you cater to these both qualitatively and quantitatively. So how do you actually know whether you are propelling your vessel efficiently?

That can be a tricky question to answer since it involves a lot of variables. Also, the most efficient propulsion settings are not a static thing – it all depends heavily on vessel speed, drift, and trim…

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Frugal Propulsion's cutting-edge technology delivers significantly lower fuel consumption and emissions.

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