Proven fuel savings

Significant CO2 reductions

Data collection and business intelligence integration

We want to reduce your bunker bills

If you think Frugal Propulsion is the thing for you – it probably is! Call or write us an e-mail – or maybe come visit. It is good to talk.

Thanks to intelligent optimization we verify & guarantee your savings before investment!
On top of immidiate fuel savings we give you the option of adding a VFD (variable frequency drive).  That leads to significant maintenance savings – due to reduced need for auxiliary engines.

Besides direct operational savings our system and range of data of vessel conditions enables you as a vessel owner to prevent and plan ahead service needs. That’s a lot more cost efficient and structured than adhoc service and support!

CRUISE CONTROL (speedpilot)
Our philosphy behind Frugal Propulsion is simplicity for the customer. To put it short – just hit the “thrust” button – and enable speedpilot. We take care of the rest..

Thanks to an open interface all our data is collected in the cloud. We can provide you an online visual data presentation stand alone or you can integrate the data directly into your own business intelligence – making it even more powerful.