What is ship fuel saving, and why is it important for ship owners?

Ship fuel saving refers to implementing practices and technologies to reduce fuel consumption on vessels. It’s of vital importance for ship owners for several reasons:

Cost Efficiency: Fuel is one of the significant operational costs for shipping. By optimizing and saving fuel, ship owners can achieve considerable savings over time.

CII Regulations Compliance: Fuel optimization directly influences the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) – a key performance measure used to quantify the carbon intensity of shipping. Enhanced fuel efficiency results in a better CII rating, which is essential for complying with the latest international maritime regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Competitiveness: A better CII rating can enhance a shipping company’s reputation for environmental responsibility. This, in turn can provide a competitive edge in the market, as clients and partners increasingly value sustainable operations.

Data Monitoring: With technologies such as My Data from Frugal Propulsion, ship owners can monitor and manage their fuel consumption in real time. This data not only aids in further optimizing fuel use but also in monitoring and improving the CII rating of their vessels.